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Geelong Glass Replacement offers a diverse range of services and is committed to fulfilling all the modern and contemporary needs of the customers. Our products such as shower doors, aluminium windows and doors, mirrors, security screen doors and windows, lead lights and sliding glass doors are products essential for any kind of property and have extensive uses. Our dedication towards finding innovative solutions and putting the latest technology at use for the comfort and satisfaction of their customers is commendable. Our glaziers are fully qualified and courteous, trained according to the newest techniques they help you in ways different from ordinary glaziers.

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Customer satisfaction is, rightly, the real success for them. With unmatched experience, our professionals make sure your safety is never compromised in any circumstance. With the number of services to offer it has a pool of expertise which none other possesses. Our window replacement experts can save costs and provide you with outstanding service in all aspects. From simple tasks such as tinting glass to complex operations such as designing full glass enclosures or made to order pieces for individual pieces or special places in your home, they do it all they do it as nobody else does.

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Geelong glass experts play a major part in helping you fix the glass needs of your house. From window tinting, window repair or shower glass doors, our professionals are going to take care of every little detail to make your house perfect in terms of glass. A few of their residential services include installing, repairing and replacing windows and door glass, mirrors, kitchen and bathroom splashbacks, designing and installing glass enclosures, security glass and custom made glass to suit your home decor and much more.


Our services are not limited to households but cover a vast range of commercial needs as well. Our commercial manufacturing and repair services include aluminium doors and windows, glass shelving, mirrors for business use, a variety of safety glass, roof glazing, glass fittings for shop fronts, double glazing the windows and office fittings. Geelong glass replacement understands the bad effect a broken window or a damaged door could have on the image of the business. It negatively impacts employees and creates a bad impression for the customer of the business. For this reason, in addition to other commercial services they provide 24/7 emergency commercial glass repair and replacement services as well. A member of their team can be called any time of the day, on weekend or during holidays, to help you save the damage to your business. With Geelong glass replacement services, you will not have to wait on glaziers to fix the glass that is causing trouble and needs immediate attention.

Geelong Glass Replacement understands how some situations could require swift and reliable service. Therefore, do not ignore the fact that the window to the safe room needs repairing and make use of our emergency repair and replacement services to save the day. Geelong’s emergency services will help you with your glass requirements, with repairs as well as installation of the highest quality glass. They guarantee that the fine quality glass in their warehouses and their experts can satisfy all the individual requirements of different customers in different situations. 

Geelong Glass Replacement supplies glass of different types and also cuts your glass to any shape and size you want, to fit your needs.  Cut-to-size glass service provides custom fit glass according to your needs. We use state of the art machinery to accurately cut all glass to the shape you require for the application you need. This can either be a simple square cut or a more complicated laser cut system. No matter the situation, we've got the right people and the right machinery to make it. Give us a call to discuss your commercial or residential needs





Its illegal to drive a vehicle with a cracked or broken windscreen due to the vehicle being unroadworthy. Our services include car window repair or car windscreen replacement depending on the severity of  of the damage.  Be at ease knowing the best equipment are put in place to fit your car windscreen anywhere you are 24 hours a day at a cheap price. Our specialists will go above and beyond to service your car window repair and get you back on the road as soon as possible




Toughened Glass

Toughened glass possesses structural strength due to which in case of accidents breaks into small cubes and does minimal damage as compared to ordinary glass. Widely used in motor vehicles for windscreen and windows and for architectural uses we provide toughened glass for all purposes.


Pyro Glass

Geelong's pyro glass, also known as fire-rated glass or fire resistance glass is tested and known to be of the finest quality. Pyro glass stops the spread of fire and enables safe evacuation of the building.


Double Glase Glass

Single pane windows can never offer the benefits double glazed windows do. Apart from reducing sound pollution, you can also reduce your energy bills significantly by using double glazing services offered by Geelong Glass Company.


Shower Glass

Get in touch with Geelong Glass Replacement for high quality and custom-made glass screens, full enclosures, bath screens, fixed panels, and glass shower doors. Our services speak for themselves and a visit to the store would make you realise in no time that this place is fully capable of satisfying all your glass needs and of providing products that stand out.


Safety Glass

Safety glasses are difficult to break and not as harmful as other glass types. They offer a variety of safety glasses such as laminated glass, toughened glass, wire mesh glass, and engraved glass. Geelong Glass Replacement cares for your safety and that of those around you and therefore design glass fully suited to your needs.


Low E Glass

Save your furniture from getting faded by using low E glass which effectively stops UV rays ruining your furniture. It will keep your home warmer in winter and cooler during summers as it is known for its feature of reflecting heat. The low E glass we provide is best for long term use and the coating will not wear off like others. 


Tempered Laminate

Tempered laminate glass is a merger of tempered glass, a type of safety glass which has more strength as compared to ordinary glass, and laminated glass. It is also a type of safety glass that holds together when shattered. Our window replacement services supplies tempered laminated glass is used in shelters, glass facades, balcony glazing, and glass staircases. They offer the best quality and are a major supplier of tempered laminated glass which offers several benefits such as strength, breakage resistance, extra security, protection against UV rays and soundproofing. 



An integral part of home décor is the mirrors. Quality mirrors are hard to find. But Geelong Glass Replacement offers you the finest quality mirrors available on the market. Cut to size and custom-made mirrors straight from our glass factory await you at our stores. Thus, in addition to glass repair and replacement services, certified and knowledgeable workers help you choose from a vast range of mirrors to fulfil your needs.


Be it your charming drawing-room windows or your car window repair, we provide high-end solutions to every problem that is related to glass in any way possible. Geelong Glass Replacement has provided customers with the topmost quality services in glass repair, replacement, and installation. And hence, relieving you of the stress of where to buy glass, whom to hire for installation and who to contact for emergency glass repair services. Their products and services comply with all the relevant Australian Standards and are tested to be durable and of high quality. Qualified and experienced, the Geelong Glass Replacement team believes in working together with the customer to achieve the best results and exceeds your expectations. The services provided are efficient and reliable and products distinctive. For this reason, Geelong has clients from all sectors such as hospitals, schools, hotels, real estate agencies, shopping malls, and local households. Our emergency service for repair and replacement of glass is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. 

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